Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Very Best Way to Eat Watermelon!

It's watermelon season . . . juicy, drippy, rosy, fragrant watermelon season. So, when my youngest decided to have a pool party, she was the one that scoured Pinterest and found all sorts of interesting things to do, from games to crafts to food.

One of her finds was just genius, the kind of find that leaves you scratching your head and wondering why on earth you've never seen it before or thought of it before.

Watermelon on a stick!

The watermelon is simply cut in rings and each ring is cut into 8 wedges. a small slit in the rind allows the "handle" to be inserted. We used "craft spoons" from Hobby Lobby.

Hands stayed mess free, no forks needed, faces did not drip sugary-pink juice from ear to ear. Wedges were gobbled up and when the hungry mouths reached the rind, the handle and rind were simply dropped into the garbage.

A great way to enjoy the juicy-sweet abundance of the summer!!

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